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Temporary Support

Divorce cases are generally highly emotional, causing a lot of stress, anger, and sadness for all parties. When children are involved, the cases can be even more of a powder keg. Compassionate and understanding, Gustavo E. Frances has experience in dealing with these types of cases, and knows that it can be a financial burden for one or both parties.

Because divorce cases can run for an extended period of time—and become more of a financial burden—the courts may award temporary relief for one or both parties. Temporary relief is meant to last only until the divorce is finalized and is usually granted when there are arguments over time-sharing, need for financial support, or other special circumstances.

This relief serves a few purposes: It provides the support that one party needs but can also help the divorce case move faster. It can also help resolve disagreements that arise during divorce cases and help decrease the likelihood of escalation.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for one type of or a combination of relief.

Types of Temporary Support

Attorney’s Fees/Alimony

This type of relief is especially helpful if one party stayed at home or made less. Under Florida law, both parties in a divorce case are able to seek competent legal counsel of the same degree, regardless of financial income. In the case of disparate incomes, Florida courts put both parties at an equal level. In this case, the courts may order the party with a higher income to pay some or all of the other party’s attorney’s fees.

Sometimes alimony (spousal support) is required on a temporary basis so that one spouse is able to pay for bills, housing, and necessities while the divorce is still at trial. In this case, the courts will look at the temporary ability of both parties to pay and determine if temporary alimony is needed.

Child Support

The court may order temporary child support to be paid during a divorce settlement, especially if the time-sharing schedule is uneven (with one spouse having the children the majority of the time). Child support payments cover the basic needs of the child, including food, shelter, and medical expenses.

Use of Residence

With this type of temporary relief, one party receives exclusive use and/or possession of the residence. The objective is to keep the children in the family home, reducing the stress it has on them, as this is a difficult process for them and leaving the home would make it more stressful.

If temporary use of residence is not awarded, then both parties remain entitled to equal use of the home. But if this causes additional issues, then you may make a request for a judge to award a temporary exclusive use of the residence.

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