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High Profile Family Divorce Case
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High Profile Family Divorce Case

Divorces can be very messy and expensive, and when you’re in the public eye it can become even more so. Radio listeners in the Orlando area have been hearing about the divorce proceedings involving Russ Rollins, a local radio DJ for WTKS-FM, and Samantha Boomer.

Their marriage has officially ended, but thanks to incidents that happened during negotiations, Rollins is now facing two lawsuits from Boomer. One is a libel suit and the other involves domestic abuse claims.

Boomer claims that Rollins and the radio station lured the process server, the person sent to deliver the divorce papers, up into the radio booth where Rollins was working. The papers were then delivered while Rollins was on the air, after which Rollins tore into Boomer and said she was trying to damage his career. In response, Boomer hired a family divorce attorney known for high-profile divorce cases and sued for libel, claiming her ex was trying to make her look vindictive in the public eye. The libel case also extends to Rollins’ employer.

During the divorce proceedings, she also accused Rollins of striking her on seven different occasions, and is trying to seek damages for three of those occasions. Rollins has not been charged with a crime in these incidents, but exposing the claims could be seen as an attack on reputation. The courts have yet to rule on whether or not Boomer is eligible for damages from the incidents.

It was also determined that Rollins violated the law when the couple tried remediation and he discussed the incident later over the air. Florida law prohibits talking about what goes on in mediation sessions. The courts decided he violated this rule 17 times. He had to pay $7000 to Boomer for legal fees.

Boomer will receive alimony for two years, real estate, and funds from Rollins’ 401k as a result of the current divorce settlement.

Divorce is almost never easy, but sometimes it can turn very ugly. When someone feels like they have a reputation to defend, their actions can be unpredictable. This case shows several ways where someone can make a mistake in their divorce proceedings.

You should never try to expose any vindictiveness or pettiness to the public during divorce proceedings. The matter should be held in confidence inside the court room and among the lawyers. Speaking publicly about the details of an ongoing divorce or remediation can land you in legal hot water, as has happened to Rollins in this case. The fact that he spoke about the details of a remediation meeting, apparently using language that cast Boomer in a negative light, will only feed into Boomer’s libel case.

You may think you have righteous anger or a strong justification on your side, but complaining about your divorce to the public is never a good idea. Save it for the court room.

High-profile people can’t always hide their divorces, but that doesn’t mean the public needs to know all the details. If you need your divorce case handled with discretion, speak with Gustavo E. Frances for a free consultation.


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