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Intimidated During A Divorce?

Divorce is never easy, but sometimes it can be downright dangerous. Some people cannot handle the stress of a divorce and end up committing criminal acts. Even the threat of a divorce can start a domestic violence incident. This may seem obvious, but doing something illegal during your divorce proceedings won’t make the family courts look favorably on your case.

One of the reasons for violence is intimidation. The violent partner may be trying to get the other one to drop the case, change their demands, or even lie in court so they can get a more favorable settlement. An example of this sort of behavior happened in Baker County, between Jacksonville and Lake City. Fortunately, it turned out well.

A couple that had been married for 25 years started having problems. Both partners were in their late 60s. The wife began divorce proceedings and was advised to move a joint CD worth hundreds of thousands of dollars into a different account so that the husband couldn’t withdraw it until the divorce was finalized.

When the husband found out, he lured her into the house and threatened her with a .38 revolver, according to deputies. He said he was going to kill her, her daughter, and himself because he had nothing to live for and accused her of only wanting his money. The man hit the victim with the gun and choked her, according to testimony given to the police.

He also allegedly did several intimidation tactics like threatening to shoot her knees to make her suffer and forcing her at gunpoint to drive into the forest to the spot where he said he was going to kill her. While the victim was on her knees praying he fired a shot and said: “I guess I missed.” Then he drove the victim back and told her he’d hurt her daughter if she told anyone, then disconnected all phone lines and stole the victim’s phone.

Fortunately, she was able to get away with the help of a friend and told the authorities. The man has been arrested and has been charged with a litany of crimes. The detectives are still investigating the case.

This is an extreme situation, but things like this can happen. This is why restraining orders and police protection are sometimes necessary in divorce cases. Some people truly cannot stand the fact their partner wants to leave them and will make all manner of accusations to attack their partner, or even turn to physical violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence because of a divorce or a threat of a divorce, call the authorities or have a friend do it on your behalf as soon as you can. If you are also retaining a family lawyer in Miami for your case then tell them so they can help you.  Document as much as you can and tell the authorities the truth about what happened without embellishment.

If you need to speak with a lawyer who is familiar with domestic violence cases during divorces, contact Gustavo E. Frances today for a consultation.


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